Rebecca Cooley,  

Rebecca Cooley is a Master Coach, Mindfulness Instructor, and Integrative Healing

She brings over twenty years of study and practice to her private coaching and
consulting practice where she offers clients a mind, body, spirit approach to
coaching. Her specialties include an integrative and comprehensive approach to
addressing life transitions, internal obstacles, relationship with food, confidence,
social anxiety, and relationships. She has studied a variety of disciplines including
eastern and indigenous healing traditions and pulls from methodologies found in
psychology,  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Neuro-linguistic programming,
self-compassion, forgiveness work, yoga, tai chi, meditation, Zen meditation,
Vipasana meditation, Korean Buddhist meditation, Insight Dialogue meditation,
mindfulness-based stress reduction, shamanic practice, toltec wisdom, energy
healing and Reiki, expressive movement, art and music therapy, and writing.

Rebecca is committed to helping people reach their goals using a variety of mind,
body, spirit methods. Her mission is to share relevant tools so each person can be
their own catalyst for change.

During the Heart Healing Coaching process, Rebecca meets with people to remove
internal blocks to their goals by offering a combination of healing modalities, such
as Life Coaching, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Mindfulness instruction, or Shamanic
Journeying. Sessions address life transitions, increased confidence, overcoming
fear, connecting authentically with others, self-compassion, motivation, relationship
with food, forgiveness, quieting the mental chatter.

Other tools she may use in supporting her clients include:

Phone: (919) 815-4607

  • Certified Master Coach
  • Mindfulness Instructor
  • Integrative Healing
• Reiki
• Pranic Healing
• Intuitive angelic healing
• Intuitive readings
• Channeled messages from spirit
• 5D coaching
• Shamanic healing
• Insight dialogue
• Life coaching
• Meditation
• Vipassana meditation
• Zen meditation
• Mindfulness
• Toltec wisdom
• Abundance
• Law of attraction
• Tai chi
• ACT coaching

• Mindfulness-based stress reduction
• Mindful eating
• Emotional freedom technique
• Kundalini awakening
• Energetic balancing
• Unblocking techniques
• Music therapy
• Mandala art
• Art therapy
• Soul writing
• Ritual
• Energetic cord cutting
• Energetic protection techniques
• Visualization and visioning
• Forgiveness work
• Compassion work