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Energy Medicine

with Melissa


I’m trained in the Usui Lineage of Reiki Healing. I will apply doTERRA oils blends which correspond to each chakra (unless requested otherwise), give a blessing (aloud or silently, depending on client preference), and send energy to each of the 7 chakras. The client may remain mostly or completely clothed and may be under the blanket. I typically let the client know what I’ve picked up from each chakra. My perspective is: you can’t change or heal what you are unaware of.

Chakra Clearing and Balancing

Have you been feeling stuck, empty, and/or tired? Do you have issues or feelings coming back up you thought were handled years ago? This session is for you!!

I start by assessing the 7 chakras that run up the spine to the crown of your head, figure out what needs clearing, balancing, and nourishing; and then the fun begins! Regardless of how many oils the out-of-balance chakras need, every oil your body needs is used.

I determine how many drops of each oil by how your energy responds during the oil testing. Then, one at a time, I plug into each chakra and let it communicate what is going on. Once I figure out how to translate, I tell you as simply as possible what I felt or the image I was given.

After all the affected chakras have been cleared/balanced, each receives reiki nourishment. Then it’s finished off with a therapeutic massage. There have been several clients where I found pockets of trapped energy in various areas of their body, which wasn’t directly connected with the major chakra centers. As soon as I brought their awareness to the ‘issue’, the energy seemed to melt apart. The client feedback has been entirely positive, even when the treatment itself was a cathartic purge of energy and emotion.


I make notes on the oils used, which would be best for self-care, stones which may be helpful, etc.; and make sure you have all this information, as well as an information sheet on the basics of chakras, self-care, etc.

My clients who’ve utilized this service have had powerful and profound experiences.

The session runs 2.5-3 hours total.

(Note, a 50% deposit must be paid within 24 hours of booking this appointment.)


AromaTouch Technique

AromaTouch Technique, a branded technique exclusive to doTERRA and only available with their certified practitioners, was developed in a clinical setting by an expert in essential oils. It combines eight specific essential oils in pairs which are carefully applied in a specific way to the back and feet, resulting in improved energy and nervous system functioning. Each pair of oils yields a synergistic effect, enhancing the experience, leading to better physical and emotional wellbeing when combined with the gentle, rhythmic nerve strokes which make the Technique a unique service.


The Technique benefits the nervous and immune systems, for those who experience high anxiety, and more; as well, it can be very supportive following physically/emotionally exhaustive medical treatments.

approximately 60 minutes,

For more information, please visit

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