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We are so deeply grateful for every person we have worked with. 

Thank you all and thank you for your wonderful feedback. 

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G.R. –Treated for insomnia
Quinn, you are a miracle worker – as well as an all round great guy!  I had the best night of sleep I’ve had in more than two weeks.  THANK YOU!

A.C.- Treated for headaches, pain, fatigue
It has been life changing!  My headaches are almost gone, my energy has increased, and my PMS symptoms are non-existent!  For the first time in a year I feel like myself.  My GREAT self… not at all what I was before I started seeing Dr. Quinn.  I was far from great before seeing him.  He is amazing!  So attentive, thorough, insightful, and a master at active listening!  I don’t think there is one thing you could change to make it better.   I recommend The Center… a thousand times YES!

T.T.- Treated for insomnia, pain, reflux, fatigue, headaches, bloating, depression
I came here with 12 issues of concern all of which were addressed with great improvement.  Dr. Takei is very professional, attentive, warm, and caring.  I recommend others to Quinn because I like the quick defined measured results in a caring pleasant and professional setting.  Acupuncture is very effective with great improvements in a short period.  I am thankful for Dr. Takei’s great knowledge and skills to affect solutions to persistent issues.  Nice balance of skill with caring.  Will recommend to others!

S.D. –Treated frequent miscarriages
At the very least, thank you for taking over an hour to really talk with me and care about my situation of 3 unexplained miscarriages.  And more than that, thank you for providing the acupuncture that helped sustain my pregnancy that was truly meant to be.  I believe you to be an exceptional practitioner and I am so grateful for your care and expertise.

J.A- Treated for fatigue
I am seeing progress through acupuncture.  I wanted more energy and I definitely see a jump in my energy levels in the past few weeks.   Quinn is one of the sweetest people ever!  He is very professional and extremely personable.  I have only have positive things to say.  I want others to have as positive as an experience as I have had.

J.S.- Treated for numbness, back pain, insomnia, dizziness, congestion
Quinn is an awesome practitioner!  I would never feel rushed.  He always took the time to listen to what was going on in my body and my life.   The Center is a great resource.  I am sleeping better than ever and no longer experience numbness which would wake me up at night.  This made me also more patient and less stressed.  Thank you!!

G.F- Treated for neuralgia and shingles
The noticeable change in the level of pain is the greatest benefit.  Dr. Quinn has wonderful skills, great levels of concern and is kind.  My experience has been great!  Hopefully other could at least try the services as they may benefit as I have.  It has been a pleasure for me to try alternative medicine.  I believe the benefits have improved my quality of life.

C.G.- Treated for headaches and sinus problems
Dr. Quinn is great!  Headaches are gone and sinuses are 100% better.  I absolutely recommend this to others.  I am very satisfied for getting my quality of life back!  See you soon!

D.S. – Treated for insomnia, fatigue, and pain
“My overall health has improved 100% since coming to The Center.  My stress level, energy, and sleep patterns are back to what I consider normal!  I had begun experiencing one injury after another in the past year.  As soon as one injury healed another one popped up!  I am no back to the active life that I enjoyed since coming to The Center.  Quinn has a very kind and caring manner.  He puts you at ease immediately!  I am totally satisfied with my experiences here.”

E.S. – Treated for bursitis and pain
“I haven’t felt this good in 15 years!  The visits are helping me regain my quality of life.  The 
excruciating pain I was in is very minimal and now almost non-existent.  I now look forward to greeting each day pain free!  Quinn is very pleasant and reassuring, calm and willing to listen.”

G.R. – Treated for pain, digestive disorders, and anxiety
“I can now focus on enjoying my life instead of how much I hurt!  My anxiety and stomach acid has decreased dramatically, sleep has improved, and lower back pain and neck and shoulder stiffness has improved dramatically.  Quinn is fabulous, knowledgeable, encouraging, and caring.  Quinn, you listen better than ANY health care provider I’ve ever had.  Thank you!”

T.H. – Treated for pain
“I would recommend others to The Center.  There is good communication and effective treatment there. I now have less pain, more durability, and I am able to lift and move things better.  I also have better sleep and less pain.”

L.M. – Treated for pain and digestive disorders
“My visits to The Center has helped me achieve my health care goals by making me pain free and making me aware of how to remain that way.  I have been some impressed with some of the herbal remedies that I have purchased them for my friends.  The Quali-Spray is a first-aid kit must-have.  My health has dramatically improved and through Quinn’s guidance and patience I have begun to understand my body and it’s weird and wonderful ways.  Quinn has a wonderful way of making you feel instantly comfortable.  I was like going to visit and old friend rather than my health practitioner.  I have and will continue to recommend The Center and Quinn.   I am so thankful to Quinn for helping me to understand how all my nagging ailments were related and how I could prevent future occurrences.”

M.S. – Treated for pain
“Quinn is the most comprehensive practitioner I’ve ever met.  Everything has improved especially my range of motion and energy levels.  I would recommend Quinn because I can now look at the health industry in a whole other light and have learned to be a bit more proactive with myself.

M.J.- Treated for Irritable Bowel Syndrome and fibromyalgia
An excellent acupuncturist!  I have been to several other acupuncturists in Raleigh before finding Quinn.  I am completely satisfied with my care here.  He seems to be much more comprehensive and invested in my well being.

T.C. –Treated for frozen shoulder
I was told by my orthopedic physical that it would take 1-2 years and a lot of physical therapy for my shoulder to have normal function.  I accomplished this with Quinn in 4 visits in a 2 week period.  Iam no longer in constant pain.  My mood is better.  I am sleeping better.  I have resumed my normal activities.  Quinn is gentle, friendly, and patient.  He happily answers questions.  He treats me with respect.  He is very knowledgeable and shares his wisdom.  I would recommend Quinn to others.  There is healing to be found.

A.G.- Treated for pain, arthritis, reflux, and anxiety
I have received a tremendous improvement in the pain in my hands as well as more flexibility.  My digestive system is greatly improved and I sleep better than I have in years.  The herbal remedies and supplements have helped to lower my anxiety and have helped my digestive system to a point I no longer take my anti-acid tablets. Quinn is very pleasant and came across to me as a sincere and humorous gentleman.  I would and have recommended Quinn.

B.S.- Treated for fibromyalgia, fatigue, arthritis
The results of Quinn's treatments have been almost immediate.  The pain I have experienced has diminished in half or more.  I have more energy and feel more alive.  The time he gives to my emotional state has also been helpful.  I have had acupuncture before, but Quinn seems to go deeper in his treatments and as a result, is more effective. I have had 5 treatments with Quinn and my health has definitely improved my quality of life.  I am not in so much pain and have more energy.  His manners and demeanor are good.  He is a gentleman, just as you would expect from your doctor.  He is very knowledgeable, calm, gentle, does not rush, and is respectful to his patients.   Quinn is good and effective at what he does.  I tell all my family and friends about him. The cream he gave me for the arthritis in my thumb works instantly to relieve the pain.  

K.M.- Treated for abdominal pain and digestive disorders
It was amazing!  In just a few visits all of the troublesome symptoms were gone.  We noticed if the herbs were forgotten the progress wasn’t as fast.  The herbs definitely complimented the acupuncture.  We appreciate the warmth, the thorough care and the serene surroundings.  Quinn is compassionate, professional, friendly, and skilled.  I emphatically recommend him!  Thank you!  I am so grateful to have you as a health care provider.



P.L.  -Treated for high blood pressure, dizziness, and nausea
“The first visit got rid of the nausea.  High blood pressure is normal now.  Dizziness has been relieved.  For three years my medical physicians told me they did not know…nor could they treat it.  Before the dizziness and nausea controlled my life.  Now I have energy and can do things again.  My shoulder was hurting for weeks.  Quinn stuck a needle in my left leg and got rid of the pain in my left shoulder…is that good or what?  I would definitely recommend others to Quinn.  He takes time to talk to you, unlike my other medical doctors.”

C.K.  -Treated for vertigo, sinus infections, headaches
"I have been helped with my sinus problems and headaches.  My vertigo is doing much better.  I am not as stressed and my physical ailments are much better.  "I would definitely recommend Quinn to others.  He takes his time with his patients, listens to every word you say, and takes care of the problems.  Quinn is an excellent doctor.  He is also a wonderful person."

D.C. – Treated for lower back pain and sciatica
“Quinn is wonderful. The pain is virtually gone.”

L.M.- Treated for hypertension, high cholesterol, pain
The treatments have helped by stopping back pain, lowering blood pressure, and lower sugar levels.  Since coming here, I have changed for the better.  I feel better.   Quinn is very good and very nice.  I recommend him because he does a good job.

S.B- Treated for chronic constipation
Quinn is great!  This has helped me with chronic colon/bowel problems that many traditional MDs could not.  I am feeling better about overall emotional and physical health and hopeful that goals can be reached.  Thank you so much for your help and dedication in helping me with chronic issues.

S.S.  -Treated for seborrheic dermatitis        
"I have gotten relief from the itching and spreading of seborrheic dermatitis.  I feel that I have my head back.  Also I have found the acupuncture to be a good stress eliminator or reducer. I would recommend Quinn because of his caring manner and knowledge of Oriental Medicine.  I like his honest and openness.  He answers all questions.  Quinn takes the time to listen to one's concerns.  He knows the right questions to ask to complete the picture of one's well being.  He really treats the whole person."

C.C.  –Treated for endometriosis
“Treatments with Quinn have reduced my abdominal and lower back pain and regulated my menstruation.  After receiving the treatments I felt relieved!  Without the pain you forget you ever had it.  His demeanor is excellent and he cares about what he does and his patients.  He knows what is doing…I think (just kidding!)"

C.F. – Treated for chronic lower back pain
“Quinn is outstanding.  After receiving acupuncture my pain went from a 10 down to a 3! I will recommend Quinn to others."

C.S. - Treated for severe endometriosis causing digestive disorders
“Since receiving just two treatments with Quinn  I now experience less pain and cramping, less fatigue, less anxiety, and my digestion and appetite has improved.  I feel like a healthier more energetic person and I think I am a better mother and wife now.  Quinn  really takes the time to listen and he answers all questions thoroughly.  He does a great job and acupuncture really works.”

Anonymous- Treated for chronic pain
Dr. Takei was incredible- great bedside manner took time to talk with me, never felt rushed.  I am very impressed.  The treatments have helped decrease pain and to live a higher quality of life.  I have been able to exercise more and walk better.  Quinn was very professional, the office relaxing and the staff friendly.

R.C.- Treated as adjunctive therapy for breast cancer
With the treatments I feel lighter, rejuvenated, energized and feel that all my systems are flowing. Quinn is an excellent listener.  He is caring and follows up with certain health situations that require attention. I would absolutely recommend him to others.

N.C.- Treated for pain
Treatments with Quinn have made me aware how acupuncture can really help ease pain and discomfort.  I’ve realized stress is the cause of disorders in our bodies, therefore, I’ve been learning to let go of much stress. Quinn is excellent, very professional and at the same time very caring.  I absolutely recommend Quinn to others because most people in pain or under a lot of stress need to feel comfortable with their doctor.

T.C. – Treated for knee pain
"Since I have seen Quinn the knee pain and soreness have decreased.  I have more flexibility and am able to return to the activities that I enjoy.  Quinn spends time with me never making me feel rushed or unimportant the way some health care facilities do.  He is excellent, very observant, and caring.”

W.L.M. – Treated for lower back pain
“Quinn’s acupuncture treatments have helped very much.  I feel much more relaxed and can experience free movement without pain. Quinn is very profession and concerned about the outcome of the treatments.  I would recommend him to others because he has my trust and I feel he makes every effort to make me comfortable.  Oriental Medicine offers much more than I expected without refined medicines, and there are no side effects.”

A.F. – Treated for swelling of the brain causing full body paralysis
"Because A------ is being treated by Quinn he has more movement in the legs, arms, and hands and he seems to want to talk more.  A------ is much more relaxed and tries to help his wife when she lifts him to put him in the car or in the bath tub.  Quinn is very considerate of A-----‘s condition and is very concerned about how he is responding and improving.  We would recommend Quinn to anyone and everyone because he is genuinely concerned for the conditions of his patients.  Our family would like to thank Quinn for the great job he is doing with A------.”

G.L. – Treated for bronchitis
“The treatments with Quinn has cleared up my breathing problems, and decreased sinus drainage.  The herbs he has prescribed has lowered the amount of phlegm I have and helped me get it out and increased my energy.  I recommend Quinn because his treatments are working.”

L.M.- Treated for headaches, muscle pain, allergies, and TMJ
My sessions with Quinn have alleviated my headaches and alleviated my TMJ.  I have much less tightness in my neck and shoulder areas.  I have increased energy levels and less coughing when eating, and less post nasal drip.  Quinn is so kind, attentive, really listens to my answers, and is so supportive and encouraging! I would certainly recommend Quinn to others based on the results with my issues.  I have had great improvement in every area of concern.

C.K.- Treated for migraine headaches
The migraines are now less severe and less often   Quinn is professional without being cold and uncaring.  Never makes the appointment seem rushed.  

J.L. – Treated for IBS and pain
“I am feeling better as the muscles relax, a more positive outlook is restored, my energy is not restricted or usurped by pain so there is more available for good use.  Quinn is sincere, caring, and a good listener.  Namaste and thank you for your help.”




Put simply, in the year I have been coming to The Center, the visits have changed my life.  My health, quality of life and ability to deal with pain have greatly improved.  Since coming to The Center I am learning what steps to take to achieve my health care goals.  The treatments along with the knowledge give to me have both increased my health.  When I began taking the herbs I very quickly noticed an improvement in overall feelings of well being.


Quinn always takes the time to make me feel comfortable and answer any questions I might have.  His positive manner, caring, and understanding have helped with any health issues.  

The attention to every aspect of my well being is what has been the most helpful at The Center.  Quinn works with what is going on in my life, with my health- it is very personalized service.

The Center really gets it right!  It is a healthy calming, positive, healthy atmosphere.  
Coming to The Center has truly been life changing.  From the time I walk through the door to the moment I leave, I feel as if my health and well being are of the utmost importance to the staff.  Quinn is an excellent practitioner, knowledgeable, caring, and genuine!!
-Suzy M.



Thank you so very much for helping me return to health.  Thanks for your method.  With gratitude!
-Tracey L.

Thanks to Quinn (Doctor of Oriental Medicine) and O2 trainer Chris, I have eliminated three western prescriptions that I had been taking for years :)

Treatments with Quinn have helped me walk better, relax more, sleep better, helped my urination and PSA levels have come way down.  Quinn’s manner and demeanor are excellent.  I recommend others to him because I feel much better after a treatment. Quinn and his staff are very knowledgeable and we have always had good experiences here.    
–Bobby M

I feel better than I have in years.  I have lowered my cholesterol 88 points and brought my blood pressure down to a normal range with the help of The Center and Quinn.  I have more energy, less stress, and less anxiety.  The next step is to eliminate or reduce the medications I have been taking for years.  I would absolutely recommend Quinn!  Actually my husband is one of his new patients!  Quinn is kind, easy to talk to and actually quite funny!  
-Sandy C.

The visits have helped in the reduction of illness.  My quality of life has improved a lot.  Stress, anxiety and sadness have been reduced.  Pain has been alleviated as well. Quinn is excellent.  I always felt comfortable and well taken care of.  I recommend others because I think it’s an excellent service that combines the mind and body and can help improve many aspects of someone’s health.
-Cindy W.

It has been an exceptional experience!  I look forward to each visit.  They have made a significant physical difference in my stomach area.  Migraines have been less along with length and degree of pain and there has been and overall energy surge.  The visits and “chats” have certainly made me reflect on how I need to better manipulate my environment to reduce stress.  The whole experience since being here has truly put me in a better state of health and mind.  I am beginning to look at life in a different mirror.  Thank you!
-Peg C.

These visits add immeasurably to my overall commitment to physical and emotional health. They have contributed to an overall health plan and have added balance and mindfulness to my practice.  I am more aware and experiencing less stress, anxiety and fewer heart palpitations.  Quinn is excellent!  He is very sensitive, knowledgeable, and intuitive.
-Kathy S.

I feel much more in control of my health and I feel a lot better.  The herbs have helped a lot.  I feel less stressed and my digestion system feels a lot better.
-Laura S.

My visits here have reduced pain so I can engage in the life activities I want to.  I am starting to be able to get back to exercising which is important to me and my overall health.  Quinn was very helpful and attentive to details of problems I’ve had.  I have recommended others because they listened to issues and developed a treatment plan.  As a result, I saw improvements.

For the first time in years, I actually feel like I’m getting better, not just numbing the problems with meds.
-Rebecca D.

I am truly grateful for how I feel. I have been seeing Dr. Quinn for one year I believe.  I have been treated for sciatica, hot flashes, shoulder pain, head aches, sinus issues, acid reflux, fatigue, STRESS.  I look forward to attending each time. I really feel great!
-Deborah B.



Dr. Quinn Akira Takei is excellent!  He is kind, great listener, and caring, professional and highly competent at what he does. I recommend him to others because of the results!  I was having severe bowel problems- ‘dysmotility’ and non-functioning.  After suffering more than 20 years and seeing many medical doctors with no remedy.  Within several weeks of acupuncture my bowels started working again.  Dr. Takei accomplished in a couple months what the other doctors did not with all the meds, enemas, and various therapies over a 20 year span.  I am so grateful!!!
-Shellie B.



The Center has decreased the frequency and intensity of my daily headaches.  I have been able to concentrate more on school and work instead of my daily pain.  My practitioner, Quinn, gave me the one on one attention and listened to my physical and emotional pain that all play in a role in my headaches.  The environment is extremely relaxing and I recommend others to Quinn because the treatments have truly helped me live a healthier life.
-Lauren W.


My main goal for coming here was to overcome food allergies and reduce my sinus infections.  I hoped to improve my quality of life and overall health.  In only four treatments I have seen dramatic improvements in my allergy and sinus symptoms. I have not experienced any sinus headaches or severe allergy attacks which previously occurred several times a week.  The herbal remedies and supplements have helped to improve my digestion and immune system.  I have felt better and have not had any food allergy reactions in four weeks. Quinn is a wonderful doctor.  He takes the time to really listen to his patients and develops a unique plan for healing.  I have been extremely impressed with every visit.  I absolutely recommend other to The Center.  I have only been here four times and already see improvements in my health.  The Center and my practitioner, Dr. Quinn Takei, are highly recommended.
-Kelly J.


The visits are helping achieve my health care goals both mentally and physically.  Each time I go I feel better and better.  The herbs have helped as a supplement to the acupuncture.  Definitely the two combined make a good combination.  Since starting treatments at The Center, I feel less stressed, more energy, healthier overall.  Dr. Quinn is very detailed in learning about your health and life overall, as it all contributes to your health.  He takes his time with his patients.  Really listens and understands what the patient is dealing with.  He is very knowledgeable and takes the time to work with and really cares for his patients.      
- Michelle P.

Quinn is the reason I am walking, do not hurt, brought down my blood pressure, joint pain, and blood sugar.  He tries to help you anyway he can.  With treatments at The Center, I feel better and I stay well.  
–Lanier M.

We love to hear from our clients!  


Please share your experiences too.

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