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Meet Jason

Jason Sager

  • Certified Advanced Rolfer®

  • Rolf Movement Trainer


Jason Sager is a certified Rolfer and Rolf Movement trainer as well as a nationally competitive swing dancer.  He found his way to Rolfing® through his love of body mechanics in dancing and has since then found his calling in helping people heal their injured bodies.  Jason's style of work is very intuitive and marked by attention to individual needs.


"My interest in Rolfing® started in 2005 when a friend was involved in a car accident. She had fairly intense shoulder pain afterwards that regular shoulder rubs, etc. could not alleviate. She was referred to a Rolfer and after 3 sessions was virtually pain-free. She thought I would be a good Rolfer, but at the time I was not in a place where I was ready to pursue such a drastic change from computer programming  


Over the past 5 years, I have developed a very strong interest in body mechanics through my participation in the Raleigh swing dancing scene. I have taught Lindy and East Coast Swing for the past 3 years and have a strong sense of movement and ability to analyze people's movements as a result.


I have spent a lot of time working on my posture for dance over the years and around the beginning of 2007, I had hit a point of diminishing returns. No matter how much I stretched it still meant a sustained effort to fully stand up straight, so I decided to try Rolfing®. After my first session, I was hooked and immediately felt that Rolfing® was the career for me.


I spent most of late 2007 and 2008 traveling to Boulder and Brazil and completed my Rolfing® training in December of 2008."



My Approach to Rolfing®:

First and foremost in my mind, Rolfing® is a physical therapy. Most often, people are coming to Rolfing® for issues with pain and I do my best to strike a balance between temporary relief or pain symptoms and longer-term relief of the issues creating pain. I often find that relieving a client's primary pain brings to light a number of lesser contributing pains that they were unaware of because of the primary. The more layers of disfunction are peeled back, the more people can become comfortable and strong in their bodies.


In a wider sense, I consider Rolfing® to be a guided exploration for the client through his or her own body. Every body is different, so I aim to approach every session with a sense of questioning, looking for what a client needs rather than fitting them into a box. This can be range from simply alleviating aches and pains to exploring the mind/body connection and its effect on emotional and spiritual components of the client's life.





Phone: (919) 451-9283


Jason is an independent practitioner associated with The Center and not an employee.  To schedule your appointment with him, please contact him directly. 

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