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Vitamins & Nutritional Supplements

Most of the supplements available are at best, a waste of money, and at worst, harmful to your health.

Many popular supplements are created with very low active ingredients.  The formulation and bioavailability of these products are so poor that any therapeutic value is nonexistent.


Many supplements are harmful to your health and contain chemicals, fillers, binders, and coloring which causes other health problems.


Supplements are not regulated and as a result, many companies simply produce low-quality garbage to make a quick buck. Unless you really know what products you should be taking, how much of the active ingredients you need, what else should be in the product, and what should NOT be in the product, it can be very difficult to select something which is actually going to benefit you and not harm you.


The supplements which we recommend are carefully selected with a wide variety of factors and key considerations.  Our primary criteria in selecting our product inventory include the following:


We will only use "clean" products.

This means that we refuse to use products that have harmful chemicals, additives, fillers, or colorings in them. Immediately, this eliminates most supplements on the market. When you pay close attention to the ingredients, you may be amazed at how many substances in products have absolutely no therapeutic function at all and are even potentially harmful.


Active Ingredients

Supplements are recommended for their active ingredients and their therapeutic effects. When you compare the active ingredients in different supplements, you will find that these amounts vary immensely. Most products on the market have marginal quantities of the active ingredients.  Many popular supplements contain active ingredient dosages far below the thresholds necessary for any type of therapeutic value.  On the other hand, there are also some products where the active ingredients may be too strong for your specific needs.




Supplements are made and manufactured in a wide variety of ways. Some of these are simply more difficult to digest while others allow them to be much more easily assimilated and used by the body.



We understand convenience can play a big role in compliance with your recommended nutritional supplement program. In most cases, we will try to select products for you which are easy and convenient for you to take.


For example, there are several very high-quality multivitamins that have a suggested dosage of six capsules per day. There are also other high-quality multivitamins that have a suggested dosage of two capsules per day. While the product that requires six capsules per day may be stronger, I understand your compliance and convenience may be much higher with the product that requires two capsules per day.


Another example is fish oil. One could take fish oil as a liquid which may have a higher therapeutic value and ultimately be more cost-effective, however not all people have a desire to drink a spoonful of oil. Many people may prefer fish oil which is encapsulated.  These and many other factors will be discussed to select the products that best suit your needs.



The cost of products is also an important factor.  While in many cases, the old saying, "You get what you pay for” is still accurate, we do our best to get you the most effective products in the most economical way.  We spend a great deal of time in a cost analysis of the price per milligram of the active ingredients when comparing similar products.  Can you go to Walmart or GNC and find a more economical product?  Sure.  However, chances are very good, you get what you pay for.


As a result of all these factors, unlike other clinics, we do not rely on one product brand to make our ordering convenient.  We offer multiple brands of supplements and nutraceutical products to make sure you receive the best products available. The products that we carry are all high quality, tested, and professional-grade products.  

We are continually examining products and following the latest research to provide you with the most effective, purest, and safest professional products.  


Currently, we provide products from the following brands:

Apex Energetics



Designs for Health

Douglas Laboratories

Evergreen Chinese Herbs



Golden Flower Chinese Herbs

Health From The Sun


Integrative Therapies


Mayway Herbs

Metabolic Maintenance






Priority One



Pure Encapsulations


Thorne Research

Time 4 Health

Vital Nutrients

Wu Yang


And many others...



And most importantly…

The most important factor with vitamins and supplements is that you are taking the supplements that you actually need.   Not everyone needs to be or should be taking the same supplements.  Your health is unique and the supplements and dosages to support you best will also be unique.  Let us take the guessing out which supplements you need to take.   By understanding your signs and symptoms, medical history, blood chemistry values, diet, lifestyle, other medications, and supplements, we will offer the recommendations that best meet your needs.

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