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Referring Providers

Thank you for enrolling in our services to support your clients. 

We are grateful for your referrals and guarantee that we will do our best to guide our mutual clients to health and wellness with comprehensive and compassionate natural medicine.


As the referring provider, we will provide you with periodic updates on our mutual client, including a report of findings, progress notes, and treatment recommendations.


We welcome all insights and recommendations which will serve these clients.  


We also invite referrals for very challenging and complex clients.   Often, an integrated approach combining multiple medical disciplines and perspectives can dramatically enhance therapeutic outcomes. 

Thank you for the referrals to our center.   We greatly appreciate your confidence and the opportunity to support these mutual clients to optimal health.




The Center: Natural Health Specialists

(919) 848-0200

Please FAX medical records to (919) 848-0211

This form authorizes the release of records from your client. 

We are happy to connect with your clients to get the process started.  Just let us know who and how to reach them. 

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