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Meet Debbie

Debbie Goldwasser

  • The Center Office Manager



Hi there!  Welcome to The Center!

I am so excited that you have taken this step in seeking to improve your health and well-being.  It is our mission to get you from where you are to thriving!


I’m the Office Manager here at The Center and will most likely be the first point of contact you have with our office, whether by phone or in person.  I love meeting all of our patients and being able to support them on their road to wellness.  I really value all of our patients and feel that each one has a story that leads them to our office.  Each story is valued, an expression of each person’s own unique and beautiful journey.


I absolutely love my job and it is a joy to be here.  I assist in the everyday running of the office as well as serve as the right-hand woman to Dr. Quinn Takei.  We work in partnership to make The Center the best Holistic Health Office in Raleigh. 


My prior work experience before coming to The Center set me up for success in my current role.  I have held many positions in the administrative support arena – Reception, Word Processing and Assistant Bookkeeping at an Electrical Engineering firm, Executive Administrative Assistant to the President, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Payroll clerk at an Environmental Service firm as well as Welcome Director and HR Assistant at an Agricultural firm.


On the personal side, I’m long married to a wonderful husband and we have two cats we consider our children.   I’m an ex-military kid and have lived in the Philippines, Nebraska, Texas, Maryland and finally California when my dad retired out of the military.  I lived in California for 21 years, met my husband and married there, then moved to North Carolina in 2009 to be close to my family.   My dad was born and raised in Selma, NC and finally settled there when he retired.


I enjoy life and have so many passions that fill me up.  I am an avid book reader, both fiction and non-fiction, but fiction is what I enjoy the most.  I love to be able to sink into another world and be fully immersed with the characters in the story.

 I’m a fan of movies and love nothing more than settling in, whether at home or at the theater and being enmeshed in the story evolving on the screen. Adventure, thrillers, sci-fi and rom-coms are among my favorites. 

I love to sing, whether in the car, shower, home or the office, as well as dance just for the pleasure of it.  I am also a fabric lover extraordinaire!   Put me in a fabric shop with all the beautiful patterns to peruse and I am in heaven.  I so enjoy coordinating fabrics and imagining and seeking projects to use them in.  These are but a few things that I love and there are so many more, but seriously, we’d be here all day if I went on!


One last thing about me. I believe that no matter where we are in life, there is always more to learn and so many ways to grow ourselves to become more of who we are.  I’m on my own journey to do just this. 


Once again, welcome to The Center!  I can’t wait to meet you!



(919) 848-0200

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