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Medicinal Chinese Herbs

Chinese Medicinal Herbology

Chinese herbal therapies can be incredibly effective in the treatment of so many different ailments.  I will frequently suggest the addition of herbal therapies for internal medicine conditions.


There are thousands of different herbs that are used for medicinal purposes.  Every herb has specific qualities and influences the functions of the mind and body in specific ways.  


If herbal therapy is part of your treatment plan, I will custom mix your herbal formula specifically to best support your health at each treatment.  I expect change and I expect change quickly.  As you change, your needs will change.  Your Chinese herbal formulas (and acupuncture) may change from visit to visit to best suit your needs throughout your healing process.


I specialize in granulated medicinal herbs.  My clinic offers a complete herbal pharmacy where I can create natural remedies with the precise ingredients and dosages you need at that specific time.  In addition to the custom mixed herbal prescriptions, we also offer many other forms of herbal medicine including pills, tablets, tinctures, plasters, extracts, salves, and topical sprays.


Safe & Effective
The herbs which we dispense to our clients have been harvested in China and then processed in Taiwan, which maintains the highest regulatory standards.  These herbs are then imported to the United States where they are again tested and analyzed to ensure the quality.  You can feel confident in knowing that you are receiving the highest quality of safe and effective herbs.


Most of the herbs in our clinic are organic and kosher.  Every herb bottle has a unique batch and lot number to ensure potency and purity.

Herbal Tea
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