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My Approach to Medicine

By Quinn

My Fundamental Philosophy

You are a unique individual. 


Your current state of health is the expression of all that you are, have been, and do.  

Ailments, illness, and health conditions happen for a reason.  There is always an underlying cause of the problem.  Conventional medicine is mainly problem-based.  For example, if you have a headache, you take a pain reliever.  If you have a rash, you are given topical ointment.  If you have reflux, you are given an acid reducer.  While this approach may alleviate the symptom, it is never addressing why are you having a headache, or rash, or reflux to begin with.  Since you are never addressing the problem, it is very likely that you will take the same medicine again… and again…and again. The underlying imbalance causing the problems still exist and you are just managing the manifestation of the problem.

This is one way to approach healthcare, but the truth is...this is not healthcare at all.  This is sick care.  This approach is not designed to support you in actually becoming healthy.  Problem-based medicine can effectively address the symptoms.  This approach has value and may help with temporary relief from uncomfortable symptoms.  But that’s it.  This approach is not supporting you in becoming healthy.  In many ways, this approach may even be taking you further from health.  In conventional care, usually, symptoms are suppressed by introducing a pharmaceutical.  While these drugs may manage the problem, they also come with a variety of side effects which gives rise to other problems.  (Ever hear or read any pharmaceutical ad?).  This approach has very little to do with health.   This approach is not designed to help you get off medications. Typically, this approach involves more and more medications, taking you further and further away from a naturally occurring state of health and balance.

Imagine an approach to health that firsts asks the question, “Why is this symptom occurring?”  Seems so basic.  Seems so logical.  Seems so obvious… but is it?

My support with every client always starts with this question.  It is my goal to address the answer to the question.  Addressing the answer is addressing the root cause of the problem.  Addressing this underlying imbalance allows for balance.  Balance allows every aspect of your being to function better.  This is how you become healthy.

The Diagnostic Tools

The Power of Listening

There is no doubt, the most powerful and effective diagnostic tool is the ability to listen.  Let me learn about you.  No one knows you better than you.  The more I can hear you, the more I can understand you, the more I will be able to support you in achieving your healthcare goals.  Meaningful change requires a comprehensive and holistic understanding of you and all aspects of who you are.  What you eat, how you move, genetics, family history, habits, sleep patterns, what you think about, stress levels, medications, supplements, past medical history, current blood chemistry, and everything else significantly influences your health.  All these factors significantly impact health and must be considerations in guiding one to health.  These topics and many more are discussed in a detailed comprehensive initial consultation.

Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Traditional Chinese Medicine offers many unique diagnostic tools that have been refined for thousands of years.  These diagnostic tools including specific inquiry, observation, pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, and palpation offer incredible insight into underlying causative factors for ailments in a way completely foreign to all other forms of healthcare.  Traditional Chinese Medicine understands the physiology of the mind and body in a way completely different than that of conventional Western biomechanical models.  This unique perspective provides answers where no answers have been offered. 

Functional Medicine 

I like to think of Functional Medicine as “holistic Western-Medicine”.  “Holistic” and “Western-Medicine” are pretty much oxymorons, and Functional Medicine is the bridge between the two. Functional Medicine recognizes the body is whole and is a series of integrative systems working together and influencing one another.  This medicine also addresses the root cause of ailments and supports the natural healing mechanisms of the body rather than just attacking a disease.  Functional Medicine is science-based and guided by the latest advances in modern medicine.  


I will review your past medical records and blood chemistry labs.  Your medical history and past laboratory markers may offer an understanding of your present state of health.  Most conventional medicine uses laboratory markers only to detect pathologies.  Common blood chemistry and other laboratory markers can offer so much more valuable information when viewed in the right way.  Patterns of imbalance can be identified before they become pathological and manifest in disease. 

Many clients do not require additional laboratory testing.  At times, previous labs are sufficient.  At other times, the signs and symptoms of the client offer the insight we need.  And sometimes, additional laboratory testing may be requested in order to provide the most accurate and precise treatment plans.  The expression, “Don’t guess, test” can offer valuable information on imbalances and pathologies which may not have expressed themselves yet.    


Some of the most valuable laboratory testing we use includes:

  • Conventional Blood Chemistry

  • Food Allergy Testing

  • Gastrointestinal Health

  • Adrenal & Stress Hormones

  • Female and Male Hormone

Treatment Methods

The specific steps taken to transform you from your current state of health will vary greatly with each client.  You are unique.  There is no one like you.  You have your own unique story, family history, genetics, lifestyle, diet, habits, and perceptions.  All of these factors can dramatically impact who you are now and what you will need to become healthier and happier.  There are no “cookie-cutter” approaches to healthcare in my office.  Your treatment plan is mindfully created to most effectively meet your specific needs and wants.   The most common treatment modalities may include:

  • Acupuncture

  • Chinese herbal medicine

  • Diet and food therapy

  • Nutritional supplements

  • Lifestyle and perceptual changes


We are very happy to partner with other healthcare providers on your team.  We recognize while we have become experts in our fields, no type of medicine offers all the answers for all people, all the time.  Our priority is your health and wellness. That means our egos are not part of your healing process.  We support a collaborative approach with any provider who also makes your health a priority. 


Expect rapid shifts and changes.

A holistic understanding of ailments and a holistic treatment plan allows for significant and rapid changes.  As we treat the root cause of the issues, all of the manifestations of this root imbalance disappear.


Expect lasting change.

It is my goal to empower clients with a deep understanding of their health.  I desire to empower you with an understanding of how your symptoms began, how these symptoms progressed, and why these symptoms are now changing because of the work you have done and the choices you make.  Understanding the processes of pathology enables you to make choices that support your health now and tomorrow.

Expect a little fun.

Why not?  Life is too short for anything less.   

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