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Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Quinn Akira Takei, Doctor of Oriental Medicine(NM), Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist, and Holistic Health & Wellness Coach

Fibromyalgia is a modern day pathology which is sucking the life from too many people. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) estimates 1 in 50 people in the US have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Approximately 80-90% of those diagnosed are women. Often the primary signs associated with Fibromyalgia include muscle pain and joint stiffness, which is almost always accompanied by poor sleep, digestive disorders, fatigue, and anxiety/depression among many other symptoms.

What is fibromyalgia and how is it diagnosed?

In our modern medical system fibromyalgia is a diagnosis by exclusion. So basically a fibromyalgia diagnosis is the same as your doctor saying, "Yeah, you got a bunch of stuff going on and I have no idea why."

What are my treatment options for fibromyalgia?

Option #1 - Manage a few symptoms with drugs... if you are lucky. 

Pharmaceuticals are pretty much the only "treatment" option offered by Western medicine for this diagnosis. Surprising, isn't it? It is my experience, these drugs, at best, will only manage SOME of the problems. Not cure, not fix, not eliminate, just manage and decrease a few of the symptoms of the fibromyalgia. At the same time, these drugs have the ability to have adverse side effects giving rise to additional health problems.

Option #2 - Eliminate the symptoms by addressing the underlying root causes. Why is it that Fibromyalgia almost always involves pain, fatigue, sleep disorders, digestive problems, and emotional stressors? How are these related and why do these symptoms appear together? The answer is very evident in Oriental Medicine. There is a very clear process of cascading imbalances that result in the Fibromyalgia symptoms. By stopping this domino effect of imbalances, the underlying causes of fibromyalgia are eliminated along with the adverse symptoms .

Is there really a cure for Fibromyalgia?

I say, "Yes, of course!".  I am confident that with my holistic approach to your care, you will probably never have a more in-depth understanding of your current health and the underlying causes of the fibromyalgia symptoms. This holistic approach can simultaneously address all the symptoms at the same time and provide you with the best opportunity to recover and finally live a life free of fibromyalgia.

I have had the opportunity to help many people who have suffered with fibromyalgia symptoms. In many cases, changes happen very quick. At the same time, I have also worked with many individuals, who we found food and environmental allergies or other underling causative factors which may take longer to detect and recover from. Failure to understand and address the underlying causes for this disease, and any other pathology, will only result in prolonged sickness.

Bring me your fibromyalgia.

While other forms of healing shy away from treating fibromyalgia because they know their treatment options are limited and often ineffective, I say, "Bring it!" I have worked with this illness a great deal. I understand it. I understand the causes for this ailment. Clients have been healed.

If you or someone you know has fibromyalgia and are ready to finally overcome it, then bring me your fibromyalgia. A new perspective and different approach to health will bring different results.

Bring me your fibromyalgia. You don't have to live tired, stressed, and in pain.

Be open.

Be committed.

Be ready for change.

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