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Metallica, Birds, Noise & COVID-19

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

The truth is, I love Metallica.

Metallica is one of the most iconic heavy metal bands of all time. They simply RULE! I have come to really enjoy exercising outside as the sun begins to rise. Often, I will do this with Metallica pumping in my ear buds. Yesterday, I began my exercise routine outside as it was still dark. With a little inspiration and motivation from Metallica, I jumped rope and did a bunch of core and body weight bearing exercises. During my work out, the first light of day slowly began to illuminate outside and awake the world.

As my Metallica workout play list came to and end, I removed my earbuds to begin my post-exercise stretching and breathing. With my adrenaline infused music off, I suddenly became aware of the wonderful symphony of birds awaking and greeting the new day with their songs. I was immersed in a chorus of joyful chips and sweet whistles. I was only able to hear their songs with when I turned off the other noise in my ears.

We are surrounded by magic and beauty all the time. Sometimes all the “noise” in our lives distracts from recognizing this beauty.

We have been bombarded by news on the Coronavirus (COVID-19). These are unique times and there is so much uncertainty and fear. All the “noise” on this virus may make it challenging to also be mindful of all the really wonderful things we have in our lives right now. Yes, we must all pay attention to the latest on this pandemic and we must be informed to make the best choices to stay safe. And yes, may we also remember we are also surrounded by beauty, and wonder, and magic and love right now.

Sometimes we just need to turn down the “noise” to recognize all the good things right in front of us all the time.

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