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My Answer to the Question, “What are you doing to stay healthy in light of COVID-19?”

Hi Friends!

I have received many, many inquiries from clients who are asking what I would recommend for them to stay safe and healthy at this time considering the current pandemic of the COVID-19. Many are also asking what I am personally doing now. Great questions!

Here is exactly what I am doing now, which I encourage all of you to do too.


  • Be smart and precautious. The means taking the basic precautions which have been reiterated time and time again such as, avoiding crowds, washing hands, avoid touching your face, stay home and avoid all unnecessary outings and interactions.

  • Really wash your hands. For real. Like really do the suggested 20 seconds of soap and water. There is truth to how washing your hands like this significantly decreases so many pathogens.

  • Take good care of yourself. Get good sleep. Continue (or start) to get some exercise. Eat healthy (really healthy natural foods bursting with nutrition… Think mainly fresh vegetables)!

  • Wash your hands again.


I am continuing to take all of my normal supplements I take on a daily basis. Considering the current concerns of COVID-19, I am also taking the following every day:

1) Bio Vegetarian. I think most of my clients know I love this product. It is a great blend of natural ingredients that has anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and immune-boosting properties. Often these are referred to as “The Spicy Pills”. Most clients are introduced to this product because they feel they are coming down with some type of viral or bacterial sickness or they have been exposed to someone that is. I am now taking 2 tables per day as a preventive measure. This dosage can be significantly increased for a short duration to fight the onset of an ailment. This product has become very difficult to find. It was completely out of stock with all my usual vendors for the past 2-3 weeks. I was just able to order more today. These should be in by 3/26/2020.

2) Vitamin C. This standard is a great immunity enhancer with anti-viral properties. It’s an oldie and a goodie. I typically take 1000mg daily, now I am doing 3000mg daily in divided doses. Unfortunately, good Vitamin C is also very difficult to find now. I have not been able to get Vitamin C supplements for about 2 weeks. I back ordered Vitamin C from several different suppliers and the product has just now started to get restocked and is being shipped.

3) The Ani-Viral Immunity Support Formula (AVIS Formula). This traditional Chinese herbal formula has been effective in preventing the Coronavirus according to the government in Wuhan, China. I have modified this formula to more accurately address the most up to date information we have on the virus and how it is currently manifesting in the United States. This formula contains herbs with anti-viral and immune-strengthening properties. I have sold out of this formula on the first morning I had it available. I have ordered more of the required herbs and should be able to make more within one week. We are maintaining a waiting list.

We are offering curbside pick up for anyone that is just purchasing products. Give us a call to let us know what you need and we will have it ready to run out to your car when you arrive.

The Yin & Yang of it all:

There is always yin with yang. The two are always present and in relation to one another. Hot and cold, In and out, masculine and feminine, and good and bad. This means with all perceived “bad”, there is also “good”. While it can be easy to view all that has transpired with the COVID-19 as negative, there is also positive aspects there too. Many of us have been given the gift of time… and in some cases, time has been forced upon them. Me, I welcome this opportunity of additional time.

My three daughters’ activities have all been canceled (as well as every other planned activity). This means I don’t need to spend most of my evenings picking them up from dance or swim. This means there is not a swim meet all weekend… and the weekend after that… and after that…. This means my weekend has no scheduled activities for anyone in my family.

So, what does all this mean? It means time… beautiful time. Time for me to cook with my girls and all sit down for dinner together every night for the past week. It means I have more time to play my guitars. My wife and I have enjoyed several evenings with wine on the porch as the sunset. It means my family and I are in the middle of watching The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings together. Each of those movies are like 200 hours long! Who has time to watch that? We do now, thanks to the gift of time.

What will you do with your gift of time? How can this unprecedented time now allow for shifts, changes, or experiences you desire? Seize the day! Make it happen.

In summary, the four main things I’m doing to stay healthy include:

  1. Trying to be smart, cautions and careful by taking measures to avoid the virus

  2. Continuing with basic care including getting sleep, exercise, and eating well.

  3. Supporting my immune function with herbs and supplements, specifically: Bio Vegetarian. Vitamin C, and the AVIS formula.

  4. Looking for the good. Find the yin and yang in it all. It’s there.

I invite you to join me in this approach to stay healthy, stay safe… and even have some fun.

Be well everyone!

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