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Quinn Akira Takei Doctor of Oriental Medicine(NM), Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist, and Holistic Health & Wellness Coach

A patient in a busy medical practice says, "Hey Doc, I'm having a really serious problem and I need some help.  Ya see, every time I put my hand on my hot stove it really hurts. Like, really bad."

"I see..." says the Doctor. "Does this happen regularly?"

"Yes, every single time I put my hand on the hot stove, I get this painful burning sensation right in the area where it comes in contact with the burner."

"Ahhh yes, I have seen this before and I know exactly what to do." Says the doctor confidently. "I suggest we do a nerve block surgery so you don't feel the pain when you touch the hot stove. I will also inject your hand with a localized anesthetic.   Finally, I will also give you a prescription for a powerful pain medication. This medication may cause diarrhea, fatigue, muscle cramping, increase your risk of a stroke, and possible death, but it should help numb the pain sensation when you set your hand on the hot stove again."

"Gee thanks Doc! I have no idea what I would do without you, or the surgery, or the medicine."

This is a little absurd. Isn't it?  Yet, I see situations similar to this pretty much every day.  I suppose a nerve block, drugs, and local anesthetic... are one way to decrease pain as a result of touching a hot stove... but I still wonder if there are other ways to avoid this type pain

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