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A Healthy Pause- 4/5/2020

Hi Everyone, Out of respect for you, me, my staff, my family and all those in North Carolina, I have made the decision my office, The Center: Natural Health Specialist, will be taking a HEALTHY PAUSE from treating clients in person until Monday, May 4th. I have given this deep thought and have decided it is in the highest good of all to mitigate all possible exposure to the COVID-19 virus and flatten the curve of the consistently spiking infection rates in our state and country. I am not closed. I am very much open, just taking a healthy pause from serving clients from within the walls of my office. The healthcare I offer will just look different and be shifted to telemedicine. I Am Here For You

As the COVID-19 virus continues to escalate, now more than ever is the right time to make health a number one priority for you and your family. I will continue to support and partner with each of you in the safest ways possible. I will continue client visits through telemedicine consultations online. While we will not be meeting physically for acupuncture during this pause, we will maintain a genuine connection and continue to move the energy, and maintain your progress and health naturally with Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine principles and products. I have been doing telemedicine appointments for years with people all over the country. This is a wonderful way to connect and support clients who are unable to physically come to my clinic. Through telemedicine, we will continue to assess your current signs and symptoms, review ongoing diet, nutrition and lifestyle, evaluate and/or order test results and blood chemistry, and ensure you have the right products, guidance, and support you need to remain healthy during these times… especially during these times.

The COVID-19 virus has required significant change for us all. Chances are every part of your life has been influenced. Your kids are home. You and your partner are in each other’s space…all the time. The normal schedule has crumbled. Your diet is altered. Stress, worry and emotions are all over the place. Sleep may be impacted. Chances are good your usual self-care regime isn’t working or is needing significant modification. Now, more than ever is time to take exquisite beautiful care of you and your loved ones. Telemedicine appointments will be done via Zoom where we will be able to see one another. Don’t worry, I won’t judge if you haven’t left the house in a week and your hair is a mess… at least you have hair. I love the opportunity to see you and look in your eyes. You will be sent an email that contains a link to meet online at your appointment time. There is no need to download additional software. It’s easy and convenient. We can also do phone consultations for those who prefer or don’t have a computer available. Telemedicine appointments are 45 minutes long and the cost is $95.00. New client appointments are 90 minutes and $190.00. The Center will continue to dispense nutritional supplements, products and herbal medicine for curbside pickup and Priority mail delivery.

Forget Returning To “Normal” As the pandemic dissipates and my clinic, schools, restaurants, and business begin to resume usual activities, I do NOT hope your life returns to normal. “Normal” is what was. “Normal” was life as you knew it before the pandemic. This healthy pause offers us all the opportunity to examine how we were living our “normal” lives. Was your “normal” life you are eager to return to serving you well? Were you deeply fulfilled? Were you happy? Were your desires and needs and dreams being met? Were you clear on what your desires, dreams, and needs even were? Were you too busy? Too stressed out? Were you getting enough rest? Were you having fun? Were you making choices not in your highest good? Maybe. Maybe not. So no, I don’t wish for you to get back to your “normal” life. I wish for each and everyone of you a redesigning and reinvention of your life that results in an even better reality than you previously had. I invite you to allow your past “normal” to stay there… in the past. We can do better. This healthy pause has given many of us the desperately needed time and the space to reconsider how we are living our lives. This may just be a defining moment in your life. It is my intent to use this time to also examine my life and consider the changes I desire to make and how I may desire to redefine who I am being in the world. I will share this process with you and hope to support and encourage you along in your process. This time will be for you what you make it. What shall you do? Grasp this opportunity.

The Logistics If you are currently scheduled for an appointment in the next month, you will be receiving a call from us in the next several days. We will either reschedule your physical office visit to May or schedule and confirm your telemedicine appointment time. We will still be in the office and continue to distribute herbs and supplements. We will continue to be available by phone (919) 848-0200, and email Please give us a call if there is anything you need. In Closing... We are all in very unique times. We have all been impacted by this virus in so many ways. I know some of you have even lost loved ones. For this, I am very sorry and my heart and thoughts are with you and your families. No one is sure how long this period will go on or what life will look like on the other side. I believe in us. I believe we will take care of each other and help each other through this pandemic. Now is the time to be smart and be careful. Now is the time for you to continue to take amazing care of you, so you can be there for your loved ones and continue to be of service to others. I am confident if we use this time well, we will all experience a greater ease with life once this time is over. WE GOT THIS!!! I intend to say connected and encouraging, so keep an eye out for future emails and updates. Please let me know if you have any questions as all.

With love and gratitude, Quinn

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