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Acupuncture for Veterans!

A wonderful benefit offered through the VA (Department of Veteran Affairs) allows veterans to receive acupuncture treatments that are 100% covered by the VA!

We are contracted with the VA and love working with our veterans! We have received specialized training in treating many of the conditions commonly found in our veteran community including orthopedics, musculoskeletal pain, PTSD, stress & anxiety, and insomnia. We of course always treat every client as comprehensively and holistically as possible and support our clients in addressing each and every symptom they are experiencing. More than anything, we specialize in helping every client feel great, live with ease, and be happy!

Treatments paid by the VA must be prescribed by your VA doctor. Simply request your doctor authorize these acupuncture treatments for you. If you would like to receive care from our clinic, you must request Quinn Takei as your acupuncture provider, otherwise, you will be randomly assigned to anyone contracted with the VA. Once the authorization finds its way to our clinic, we will connect and get you scheduled with Quinn or Amy… with ZERO out of pocket expenses for the acupuncture treatments for you!!!

If you or someone you know is a veteran and would like more information on how to begin your free acupuncture treatments, please give us a call! We will help you get the VA authorization that you need to feel better naturally!

Free acupuncture for our veterans! Just one of the many ways we can thank our veterans for their service.

Let’s do this!

The Center: Natural Health Specialists

(919) 848-0200

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