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It Is Time To Awaken The Sleeping

These are quite unique times.

At this time, we are all grappling with an infectious virus, social distancing, protests and social and racial inequalities. The normalcy of our lives has been shaken up and all our patterns that have allowed us to slide through life have been broken. We can no longer cruise through life, day after day, on autopilot. Without the comforting and numbing blanket of “normal” we are used to, we now come face to face with certain realities, thoughts, and feelings that we have perhaps attempted to suppress and keep quiet in a dark corner somewhere in our being.

As I reflect on everything happening now in our country and the world, I search for any underlying lessons and messages. At this time, for me, one message appears to emerge from these unprecedented times. This message is… It is time to awaken the sleeping.

May these times serve as a loud wake-up call for those ready to hear.

I suspect we all have stirrings within our hearts and minds which we have allowed to remain quietly dormant. If we look, we may find some of the following:

Truths and beliefs that have yet to be embraced.

Dreams not yet acknowledged.

Actions not yet taken.

Realities not yet fully recognized.

Desires we have yet to act on.

Attachments we have yet to release.

Disciplines we have yet to adopt.

Knowledge we have yet own.

Wisdom we have yet to embody.

Words which have yet to be spoken.

A stand we have yet to take.

As you read this now, do you feel a slight stirring from within? Do you feel a nudge from somewhere within that appears to be asking you to pay attention?

I invite you to pay attention to it.. Lean into it. It stirs within you for a reason. It is asking to be recognized and tended to.

It is time to awaken the sleeping.

It is all too easy to hit the snooze button and remain asleep. But that which quietly stirs within us will not be put back to bed so easily. That which stirs knows it would be committing a disservice to you if it were to simply slip back into the blank spaces of our being where we try to forget.

Perhaps now is the perfect time. Perhaps we have been given the perfect opportunity to grow and go beyond where we have been before. Perhaps…

It is time to awaken the sleeping.

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