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Natural Deodorant?!?!?!

Allow me to share a recent interaction with a client that delighted me and made me laugh.

Recently a newer client was in my office for the second time. Her initial visit with me was about a week ago. At that appointment, she received acupuncture for the first time and I prescribed her some Chinese herbs and a few supplements.

The other day, at her second visit, she shared she was amazed at the differences she felt already. She was very surprised she experienced so much change and relief in her symptoms. With holistic medicine being new to her, she shared that she entered into care with myself and The Center with a healthy degree of skepticism. She said that she suspected that as good as a holistic approach to her health sounded, she just wasn’t really counting on it working, and certainly not expecting to experience relief so quickly.

This is when she used an analogy that made me laugh.

She said was expecting holistic medicine and acupuncture to be just like…


She used this analogy because, "Natural deodorant sounds good, but just doesn’t really work!"

Too funny!

Well, she and I are both delighted and happy that she has experienced so much relief so quickly.

Perhaps there are a few natural deodorants that actually are effective.

Natural deodorant…. That is funny stuff right there.

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