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Riding the Waves...

I have grown to love surfing. I’m not great at it, but good enough to catch some tasty waves.

I think one of the things I like best about surfing is the metaphor it presents for life.

The waves will come and come. There is no stopping the waves from breaking on the shore, one after the other. There may be times the waves are big and times they are small. At times the waves are rough, and times they are gentle. There are times they break right at the shoreline and other times they break farther away from the land. At times, the tide is high, and other times the tide is low. Regardless, the waves will always come, one after the other, constantly.

People react very differently to the waves. Some people in the water will get thrashed about by the waves. Waves can take your feet out under you and knock you down. Some waves will push you around. Some people use up all their energy fighting the waves.

Other people recognize the natural rhythm of the waves and recognize what parts of the wave to avoid. These people know how and when to dive into the wave to avoid it crashing on you. They know where to go to avoid the turbulent white water. Some have learned where to go in the wave cycle to enjoy the rocking up and down of the waves before the cresting waters break apart.

There are also those that grab their board and make the most of the never-ceasing waves. They use the waves for fun. They read the waves and know which are ripe for riding and which to let roll by. The surfer works with the waves to make the best of that moment.

The waves of life will come and come. There is no stopping that. How shall you be in relation to these waves? You have choices.

Surf's up dude!

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