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Summer Bucket List

Summer is here! Summer is here!

This summer is a finite amount of time. Eventually, the long summer days will become shorter. Soon we will notice the summer heat has been replaced by a slight chill in the air. The crowded pools will be empty as the kids will be back at school. Soon the green leaves will become painted with the colors of autumn. That time approaches… but it’s not here yet.

What shall you do this summer?

The next 60 days or so will pass by one way or another. What you do with that time is up to you. What would have to happen to make this the most memorable killer summer ever?

A Summer Bucket List helps keep me and my family in the creative process of making the most of our time. This list helps us gain clarity on what we desire to do with our time individually and collectively. This easy process is like a magical act of alchemy making ideas become reality and desires become experiences.

I invite you to make this summer special with a few practical action steps. Let’s go!

1. Get clear on what you want. What would you love to happen this summer? Write down your desires. Put it on paper. Bring the idea from your mind and put it into the world. Don’t be shy. Let those ideas and desires flow!

2. How and when is best to make it happen? Sometimes we need to consider our existing circumstances like our schedules, finances, availability… While these are considerations, don’t be too bound by them. Sometimes making experiences happen can be as easy as saying, “Yes” to some things, and “No” to others.

3. Schedule it! Put it on your schedule. Keep it on your schedule. Make it come to life.

4. Embrace the moment and have a great time!!!

Congratulations on creating an awesome summer!

Ya know… I have heard this same process works for other seasons too.

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