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The Holiday Present

The Holiday season! Some view this as a time of excitement and fun. Others view this as a time of dread.

It is my experience that many view this time of the year as a time of being… “busy”.

“Busy” … I have grown to dislike this word- and at the same time, it’s true…this is a really full and busy time of year.

In my house, in addition to the holidays, we also celebrate 3 birthdays- my wife, my oldest, and middle daughter also have birthdays in December. So yeah, December and the holidays get busy.

There are times that I get so focused on the multitude of things that “need to be done” that I may not notice all that is happening right in front of me. Maybe this is just me. Maybe some of you have also experienced this.

This month, I desire to give you all a little present! This present is wrapped up beautifully with shining wrapping paper and on top is a beautiful big bow (only the best for you!). As you carefully unwrap this gift, you slowly open it up and discover the present inside. Excitedly, you realize there are three delightful gifts awaiting you!

Present #1- Take in a deep breath and look up. Do it right now. Inhale deeply and look up. Lift your eyes from the screen and look up at the world right in front of your eyes.

Present #2- Take in another deep breath and look around you. Do it right now. Inhale and look around at the environment surrounding you right now. Notice all you have right now. Notice all the things you own. Be mindful that you have access to a device and internet service where you are able to read this message.

Present #3- Take in another deep breath and focus on this very moment. Look within… Close your eyes… Feel the air coming and going from your lungs. Feel your posture. Let go of your worries and troubles. Fully embrace what it feels like to be You in this very moment (Don’t be afraid, I promise you that you are amazingly awesome). Yes… let go of all the burdens you carry and just be you for this moment. Free… easy… calm… peaceful.

(Seriously, stop reading this and literally do these 3 steps if you haven’t already. Take a moment out of your busy world to receive these gifts.)

This holiday season, I am being intentional to try to experience two things. First, I want to be aware of how time moves slowly from one moment to the next. And second, I want to be present as time moves from one moment to the next.

The gift I offer you now: Present #1- Take in a deep breath and look up. Present #2- Take in another deep breath and look around you. Present #3- Take in another deep breath and look within at this very moment. These gifts are 100% reusable! Yes, you can re-use and recycle them as much as you desire!

This holiday season, it is my sincere wish that regardless of where you go and what you do, you are present in the moments that unfold for you. I invite you to embrace your family with all their pros and cons. Embrace your time alone. Embrace the lights that shine in the dark. Embrace the shadows that hide from the light. Embrace You. Embrace those around you. Embrace your memories and embrace your dreams for the future. Embrace this present moment.

Look up.

Look around you.

Look within.

Be present…

It's a little to cliché to say, “The present is the called the ‘present’ for a reason.” So, I won’t… but maybe it's true.

Make this holiday season the best!

Happy holidays,


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